About the BOA

The Barnsdale Owners Association (BOA), to give it its shorter and more commonly used title, was established in 1988. Approximately 2400 owners of timeshare weeks at Barnsdale in Rutland form the membership of the Association.

The Association is managed by a board of directors who meet formally every two months or so with informal meetings in between.  Minutes of the Board meetings are published on this website and are also displayed in the reception area of the Leisure Centre where there is a noticeboard that is used to keep visiting owners up to date with information.  As a limited company, the Association is governed by the Companies Act and each year there is an Annual General Meeting held in one of the meeting rooms of the associated Barnsdale Hall Hotel.

Under the terms of ownership at Barnsdale, on behalf of the almost 2400 owners, BOA is responsible for the maintenance and refurbishment of the 49 timeshare units and shares with the hotel responsibility for the Leisure Centre.  The Board manages this responsibility through its Lodge and Leisure Committee (L&LC) which meets in between formal Board meetings to develop a rolling refurbishment programme for presentation to the Board, agree maintenance plans and review guests’ comments.  Tom Senogles, the Liaison Manager for Members Services, attends all meetings of the L&LC.  The L&LC is authorised to approve expenditure up to £5,000 with greater amounts having to go to the full Board for approval.

The budget for maintenance, replacement and refurbishment is agreed every three years between the Barnsdale Management Company and the Board.  Once agreed, in accordance with the Articles of Association, the budget varies annually by the change in the Retail Price Index as recorded at the end of March.  At the end of the three year period, any surplus within the budget is returned to owners, before the next budgetary cycle commences. While this has never happened, any deficit at the end of the period, could also be passed on to the owners. The Board scrutinises the proposed budget in great detail and it is also subject to an independent audit to ensure that it is taut and realistic.

Timeshare ownership at Barnsdale is on the basis of a lease that expires in 2028.  BOA is responsible for ensuring that the resort is maintained in such a way as it can be returned to the Freeholder  in a condition that mirrors its condition at the beginning of the lease in 1988.  BOA is not responsible for selling or buying individual units and does not involve itself in that process.  Units can be bought on the open market through various sources.  Once purchased, it is the individual owner’s responsibility to arrange for the sale or transfer of a unit to a third party.  Units cannot be returned to either  BOA or the Freeholder.