Each year, as required by the Companies Act, BOA has an Annual General Meeting. The Company Secretary gives notice of the meeting which usually takes place in early March and is held in one of Barnsdale’s conference rooms. The first-named person on every ownership certificate is entitled to vote at the meeting. The formal part of the meeting elects the membership of the Board and approves the accounts. Once the formalities are concluded, the meeting is opened up to enable the Board to present upon its activities and to allow owners the opportunity to raise matters of interest.

The meeting is attended by representatives of the major exchange companies who make themselves available for meetings with individual owners.

The 2017 AGM will be held on:

4th March 2017 at 14:30

Full details are sent with the newsletter in early February.

Minutes of 2016 AGM (Please note, these have been approved by the Board, but not by the full AGM): AGM Minutes 2016


Below are minutes of some previous meetings:

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AGM Minutes 2014

AGM Minutes 2013

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