Board of Directors

As a limited company, BOA is managed by a Board of Directors made up from owners who volunteer their services and the General Manager of Barnsdale Hall Hotel who is the ex officio representative of the Freeholder. The Board meets approximately every two months and the company has its AGM during March of each year when directors are re-elected by rotation and the annual accounts are approved. After the AGM, the Board meets and elects its own officers for the coming year. The Board for 2012-2013 comprises:

Chairman: Peter Moore
Company Secretary and Director: Lisa Neale
Finance Director and Communications Director: Leigh Willows
Chairman Lodge & Leisure: Dusty Miller
General Manager: Russell Waters


Sheila Bunten
Patrick Candler
Barry Gorst


Business that arises in between Board meetings is handled via e-mail and there is an Executive Committee of 3 directors that is empowered to make essential decisions. It is rare that the Executive Committee is required to act but there are occasions when there is an unforeseen need for expenditure such as a major repair to the swimming pool. In general, the Board works to a rolling infrastructure plan that it has approved and was drawn up by the Lodge & Leisure Committee. Expenditure falls into two areas – maintenance and replacement or refurbishment. Maintenance is funded through the annual maintenance fee while the sinking fund contribution provides for replacement and refurbishment. All expenditure is carefully scrutinised by the Board and 3 quotations are required for major items such as the refurbishment of the poolside changing rooms or a replacement refrigerator for one of the units.

From time to time, volunteers are sought to join the Board and expressions of interest are always welcome from people who have particular business skills to offer. Directors are not paid but they can, if they wish, claim for car mileage when attending to company business. The Company Secretary is paid a small amount for the extra work that is a statutory requirement of that appointment.