The Owners’ Association is a member of TATOC, The Timeshare Organisation. TATOC work for and with individual owners and organisations within the industry to improve the image of timeshare, and to help overcome the problems owners find. An improved perception of timeshare generally can only improve resale opportunities and values.

TATOC’s magazine, Sharetime, is published quarterly and is available on line to read and/or download at www.sharetimemagazine.com. Owners can also request a printed copy (individual TATOC members get a copy every quarter).

The aim of the magazine is to support the activities of TATOC, report on the good and the bad of the industry in a balanced and fair way, promote their members and affiliates and provide consumers with the latest news and information. The website ensures that they are always up to date, while the magazine highlights the main stories from the previous few months. They cover timeshare as well as general travel and tourism news – and they always try to be positive as there is so much negativity about the industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of scams. We (and TATOC) recommend that you never respond to a cold call, whilst some may be genuine most are not. Always check with TATOC (www.tatoc.com or 0845 230 2430, 0044 161 237 3518 from abroad) before committing to anything, and especially before parting with any money, whether you are considering buying or selling.